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Photo of CVT throw bar detailed
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CVT Turnout Ties 2 units per package
Stock #
Suggested Price
2501 CVT #5 Left Turnout Ties pending
2502 CVT #5 Right Turnout Ties "
2601 CVT #6 Left Turnout Ties "
2602 CVT #6 Right Turnout Ties "
2701 CVT #7 Left Turnout Ties "
2702 CVT #7 Right Turnout Ties "
2801 CVT #8 Left Turnout Ties "
2802 CVT #8 Right Turnout Ties "
2901 CVT #9 Left Turnout Ties "
2902 CVT #9 Right Turnout Ties "
CVT Turnout Kits
Stock #
Suggested Price
2571 CVT #5 Left Switch Kit Code 70 pending
2572 CVT #5 Right Switch Kit Code 70 "
2581 CVT #5 Left Switch Kit Code 83 "
2582 CVT #5 Right Switch Kit Code 83 "
2671 CVT #6 Left Switch Kit Code 70 "
2672 CVT ##6 Right Switch Kit Code 70 "
2681 CVT #6 Left Switch Kit Code 83 "
2682 CVT #6 Right Switch Kit Code 83 "
2771 CVT #7 Left Switch Kit Code 70 "
2772 CVT #7 Right Switch Kit Code 70 "
2781 CVT #7 Left Switch Kit Code 83 "
2782 CVT #7 Right Switch Kit Code 83 "
2871 CVT #8 Left Switch Kit Code 70 "
2872 CVT #8 Right Switch Kit Code 70 "
2881 CVT #8 Left Switch Kit Code 83 "
2882 CVT #8 Right Switch Kit Code 83 "
2971 CVT #9 Left Switch Kit Code 70 "
2972 CVT #9 Right Switch Kit Code 70 "
2981 CVT #9 Left Switch Kit Code 83 "
2982 CVT #9 Right Switch Kit Code 83 "

CVT is here now and forever!

A track system made in the USA, designed by model railroaders to provide the HO hobbyist with model track that matches the detail & quality of 21st. century rolling stock on the market today!

Central Valley "CVT" offers a full range of Mainline, Branch Line, Switch angles, and tie schedules never before available in any scale unless you constructed it yourself. That is what master model builder "Jack Parker" did to construct and deliver CVT to all HO modelers who would like to see track that matches their rolling stock.
Using the "CVT" system, modelers can now enjoy the pride and self-accomplishment in owning museum quality model track! The "CVT" track system builds up much like the prototype and it's not any harder to put down than pre-fabbed "Flex" type track systems.

Modelers can enjoy these handy features designed into all "CVT" track products made in the USA by the master model builders at Central Valley Model Works!

CVT Turnout Tie Strips offer:

  1. Self-gauging molded tie-plate detail for code 83, & code 70, and some code 55 rail!
  2. Special "Half-Tie" at ends for gluing strips end-to-end for long smooth runs!
  3. Flexible connecting web at bottom of ties for realistic ballasting that allows surface wiring to slip under the rail foot for easy soldering and access which hides easily under ground cover and ballast!
  4. Alignment Sights to aid in following curves along a centerline created by the model!

CVT Turnout Kits offer the same quality as the tie strips plus these exceptional features:

  1. With a full range of "curvable" angles the #5, #6, #7, #8, & #9 switch kits allow free flowing track planning like never before!
  2. Curved yard ladders, and even curved crossovers are now possible!Kits include rail braces, detailed guardrails, and joint bars!
  3. Highly detailed white brass (Solderable) cast points designed for ease of installation without "notching" the stock rails!

Turnout Kit Introduction:

With care, you will be able to lay the most realistic switch ever offered in any scale. These instructions should be sufficient for most applications. However, it should be understood that we can not anticipate every problem or skill level that might be involved. This product is probably not suitable for entry level modelers or children under the age of 18. Some experience and general knowledge of model track hand laying, or installation and hand laying of switches will be of great value.

Each Kit includes:

  1. 1 each Tie Block (Right or Left).
  2. 1 each Frog Block (#'s 5, 6, 7, 8, or 9) code #70 or #83
  3. 1 each Set cast points - white brass code #70 or #83.
  4. 1 each Detail Parts (Sprue) (1)Foil Strip (self adhesive).
  5. 1 each 0.020 Wire. (about 3/4 inch in length)
  6. 1 each Set of Instruction Sheets, diagrams, and template.

Additional tools and materials required:

  1. Rail; code #70 or #83. You can strip rail from the flex track you are using, or use the bulk rail you are hand laying with on your project. To strip rail from your flex track, use a heat gun or hair dryer to assist. Using your own rail product (flex, or bulk) will provide consistency, and reliability throughout the entire project.
  2. Medium flat file (6 inch, or 10 inch "Mill Cut" will do nicely).
  3. A selection of needle files.
  4. Rail cutters, or flush cutting diagonal cutters.
  5. Tweezers, (some parts are very small)
  6. Hobby knife with #11 type blades and a "Chisel" type blade.
  7. Pin Vise with "sewing" needle, and approx. #72 - #74 drill bit. (The needle will be used to "pierce" ties for spiking).
  8. Spiking pliers (needle nose) - your preference - and spikes, or office staples (use small metal cutting scissors to modify "office staples")
  9. Plastic cement, - "Liquid" type. ACC cement, (Hot-Stuff? - Crazy glue?, etc.).
  10. "White Glue", "Liquid Nails", "Varnish", or whatever you use for gluing your roadbed.
  11. Paints, Chalks, Stains etc. (your choice) for weathering.
  12. Pins, Spikes, and Weights to locate, and hold ties to roadbed while adhesive is curing.
  13. Razor Saw, to gap rails.

These kits provide the serious modeler features never before available. Some of these features are listed below.

  1. Curvable:
    The switch kits allow free flowing track planning like never before. Curved yard ladders, and even curved crossovers are now possible.
  2. Super Detailing:
    The kits include rail braces, detailed guard rails, joint bars, and detailed cast points.
  3. Insulated Throw Bar:
    This feature allows much closer clearance between the stock rail and point back surface for a more realistic appearance without the danger of "shorting" with metal wheel sets.
  4. Variety of Switch Numbers:
    We offer the most variety of turnout angle numbers: 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 available right now from any hobby retailer.
  5. Choice of Rail Size:
    The kits are designed to be used with a choice of either code 70 or code 83 rails. Of course, either right or left hand divergence is offered.
  6. Easy Assembly:
    Complete instructions will assist in a precise assembly using rail provided by the hobbyist thus assuring that the switch work will match the track system or rail being used on the rest of his or her layout.
  7. Precision Gauging and Layout:
    The gauging provided by the computer located tie plate detail, and the prototypical tie schedule provides the most realistic and precise switch models ever available in any scale.
  8. Animated Switch Stand:
    The kits include a switch stand that can be made to move with the point throw bar! This detail has never been offered before at such a low price! No Extra Charge!
  9. Alignment Sights:
    The Tie Blocks have little marks to align your kit to your "Centerline" mark. Great for curved applications.
  10. Cast Points:
    Highly detailed white brass (solderable) cast points designed for ease of installation, without "notching" the stock rails.
  11. DCC Compatible:
    Insulated "Throw Bar" and frog make it a snap for "DCC" users!
  12. RP25 & Code 88:
    RP25 operation of course, and also flawless code 88 as well.
  13. Sensibly Priced:
    Your not going to break the bank with these kits all coming under $15. suggested retail price!

Our modeling friends that have had a sneak preview seem to be very excited about these new kits. The new kits are related to a product that we produced a few years ago called "CVT" (Central Valley Ties or Track). Where as this product was not widely sold or distributed in the hobby shops, it has been available on a custom direct order basis. The response to this product (CVT 2001, and 2002), "Mainline" and "Branch line" tie strips, has always been very positive. We are now offering this material in a 6 piece pack as well as the original 50 piece bulk pack.

We think these kits are on the Right Track!

Graphic tie image

Prop 65 Warning WARNING:
The Polystyrene components of this product are known in the state
of California to cause cancer, birth defects and reproductive harm.
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